Sunday, November 07, 2004

"Hopeful and Decent" THIS, Sweetie Darling!

You're Manitoba. Security and family mean a lot to
you. You dream of the white picket fence and
the rest of the Norman Rockwell fantasy. You're
a little reluctant to rock the boat, which
could drain the colour out of life at times,
but you'd rather have that than not know what
tomorrow brings.

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Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in New Term -Aide

If Rove and Shrub actually think that having a federal ban on same-sex marriages is key to a "hopeful and decent society" then they're fools. Yeah, like the over 50% divorce rate amoungst hetersexual marriages is a perfect, pristine example! As if two people of the same sex in a loving relationship who want to commit to each other legally is somehow potentially dangerous to the country and possibly the world. As if there ain't nothing else more important or in need of attention than gay people who want the same rights you've have access to. Rove, dear? Georgie, darlin'? I think there's medicine and professional psychological help for your paranoia.