Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still Here, Still Queer! Got Posted About it!

Just a quick-o post to let whatever people that cruise by know I'm still alive and so is this blog. Just been busy elsewhere commenting on others' blogs, battling the idiotic FundaThumpers on YouTube, dealing with class, dealing with interviews for an intership, and just not energetic enough for blogging myself.

Anyway, I've finally tidied up my blog list there on the right. Getting rid of blogs no longer being used, updating url's of the ones who moved, and getting rid of one that decided that I was no longer a friend (Dunno what I did or didn't do so fuck 'em! His loss!).

The situation with my parents is still weird. My father continues to sink slowly into Alzheimer's-related dementia and gets meaner and nastier as time goes on. My sister and I no longer deal with him with is fine with me although my sister still deals with the lawyer and his guardian in legal matters as necessary. Yes, we decided to have guardianship placed on him. He was doing things with his and my mother's stuff that was detremental to their well-being and was trying to control my mother by taking money out of their joint account, her passport, accusing her of having an affair, etc. It was best. He even had 18 guns in their apartment and we were scared that he'd use one on my mother. The guns are gone now and he's prevented from buying another one. My mother has also moved out of the apartment as of last November after 59 years of marriage and now has a place of her own not too far away from him. It's in one of those upscale retirement places and she's having a ball! I'm so glad she sounds so happy! She deserves it. She calls it like being at camp so I nicknamed the place "Camp Medicare".

Anyway, I need to mosey! I'll blog more soon! I'm also a part of group blog, please visit! It's: http://foreverfabulous.blogspot.com/