Monday, November 28, 2005

Does It Mean That I'll Grow Hair on My Monitor?

LOL! Just noticed that I was my own 30,000th visitor to my site!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Back to the grindstone...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

To job opportunitya

Stop spamming my e-mail box! You've sent me the same exact bullshit email now for the past 5 days and the link supposedly to your blogger profile does NOT lead anywhere!! Cram it clown!

::ahem:: Okay...back to your regularly scheduled blog....

Another Quickie Quiz/Glitter and Be Gay

Your 1920's Name is:

King Denver


Courtesy of Glitter Graphics

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Just found out that angreeblkcub of No Dirty Kitty...NO! passed away a few days ago. I read his blog off and on for nearly a year now and, even tho I didn't know him well, I still feel a loss. ::sigh:: RIP.

If You Wanna Curb Your Appetite Tomorrow...'s a recipie that might help. Just think of this when you get hungry:

Broccoli Castlerole


10 White Castle hamburgers
4 pkgs. frozen broccoli, chopped
1 box Velveeta® cheese
1 stack Ritz® crackers
1/2 stick butter


Place 10 burgers side by side in a large greased casserole dish. Cook 4 packages of frozen broccoli, drain, and layer over burgers. Melt cheese and pour over broccoli and burgers. Crush one stack of crackers with 1/2 stick of butter sprinkle over top of casserole. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes or until topping starts to brown.

Submitted by Carol Cox of Cincinnati, OH

And this yummy item:

was found here! (courtesy of Nala)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Post Toasties

Once again, I'm emerging from offline life to post that I indeed still remember my password here! Dealing with the last three weeks of the semester where my ass has been in high gear making sure I keep up and do all the work I need to do before the semester ends as well as screening movies for the local GLBT FilmFest that Wingspan will be holding this coming March. I've been part of the committee screening the gay feature entries we've gotten and although there's been several well-made ones, not all have been perfect for a glbt festival. I'll go into which ones I've seen in another entry. Anyway, by the time I can sit down and post something, my poor lil brain is too fried to do much posting.

Good news from my mom earlier this month - her oncology report and mammagraphy both came back negative so she's still cancer-free after 2 1/2 years.

Anyway, I thought this was a funny cartoon a friend (Hi, Ceece!) e-mailed:


In some sad news, poor Sam has gone to that great kennel in the sky:

World's Ugliest Dog Dies at 14.


And in other good news:

(That's a very yummy Jamie Bamber doing that now-famous "skimpy towels are hard to manage!" scene)

(I always call Mary McDonnell's character "President Stands With Fist")

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA has been renewed for its third season!!

BTW, the new (second) season should start airing in January.


And in case I don't get the chance to post tomorrow (Wednesday) - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's a happy and enjoyable day, whatever and wherever it is.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Civics Lesson

"You're An Asshole" by Filmstrip International Warning: SNSFW

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Humble Abode

Just another note to let y'all know I'm still alive (other than living varcariously though comment-leaving) and while I'm wasting time dealing with classes and some flick screening for the local glbt film festival, I figured y'all could get the money together and buy me this tiny but lovely bachelor pad at The Beresford on Central Park West and 81 St. in New York City. It's only a mere $31 million and I know SOMEone out there has it. Check under the sofa cushions. I promise to invite you over one nite for a Domino's pizza!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just a Quickie Post... let people know that I'm still alive.

Apparently, the avian flu has worse side-effects than first thought!

Pic stolen borrowed from Davezilla.


And, alas, it looks like Helen Hunt and Goldie Hawn may both be trying out for either Norma Desmond or Baby Jane Hudson.

Rightie-o! Off to make nice with my medical terms book and to screen a movie.