Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Alive!

First off, I saw this last night and it's got to be the most heartbreaking commercial I've ever seen. It's for the ASPCA with Sarah Mclachlan. I viewed it again and once again was reduced to tears. Yeah, I'm definitely and always have been a sucker for a cute puppy or puddy face and I try to support the organization when I can.

Other than that, I've been slogging through school and survived another intense exam this past Thurday. Alas, having to play hermit, I missed seeing Jimbo. I gotta 'nother exam coming up so I gotta siddown and see how that'll fare. I dunno if I gotta continue playing hermit or not since I should let Glenn know fer shure.

And I've got to somehow scrape the money together to replace the wood trim in the from of Casa de Clutter since it's in desparate need of being replaced.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

RIP Mr. Humphries (John Inman)

RIP Mr. Humphries (John Inman)
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Just found out from Nala's blog that John Inman aka Mr. Humphries from "Are You Being Served?" passed away a couple of days ago:

Comedy actor Inman dies aged 71

Actor John Inman, most famous for the comedy Are You Being Served?, has died in London aged 71, his spokesman said.
Inman made his name in the 1970s show as Mr Humphries, whose catchphrase "I'm free!" entered popular culture.

In recent years he was a pantomime regular, most often taking the role of the dame. He also made appearances in BBC comedy show Revolver in 2004.

The Preston-born actor died in hospital and had been suffering from a Hepatitis A infection for some time.

The infection, usually caused by eating contaminated food, forced him to cancel the opening of a pantomime in London in December 2004.

It was initially hoped he would be able to return to the production of Dick Whittington, in which he was due to play Wanda the Cook, but he never worked again.

His manager Phil Dale said: "John was known and loved throughout the world. He was one of the best and finest pantomime dames working to capacity audiences throughout Britain.

"John was known for his comedy plays and farces which were enjoyed from London's West End throughout the country and as far as Australia, Canada and the USA."

Inman's Are You Being Served? co-star Wendy Richard told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "John was one of the wittiest and most inventive actors I've ever worked with.

"He was a brilliant, brilliant pantomime dame and he was a very good all-round actor, really. He was a true professional."

Fans Favorite

Are You Being Served? ran on the BBC from 1972 to 1985 and depicted the antics of the staff of Grace Brothers, an old-fashioned department store.

Mr Humphries became one of TV's best known characters, and in 1976 Inman was voted funniest man on television by TV Times readers. He was declared BBC TV's personality of the year the same year.

Trevor Bannister, who played Mr Lucas in the series, told BBC News 24: "The 'I'm free!' was something put in because that is what people in those stores really said.

"We didn't realise it would become a running catchphrase.

"It was that way about the whole show - we never realised it was going to as successful as it was."

Veteran actress and co-star Mollie Sugden, who played Mrs Slocombe, told the BBC: "It's a very sad day. As far as I'm concerned, it's the end of an era."

Confident comedian

In the last four series, Mr Humphries was given an assistant, Mr Spooner, played by Mike Berry.

"I felt like going home at the end of the day and ironing my face, he made me laugh so much! As funny as he was in front of the camera, he was funnier off.

"He was such an astute comedian as well. He would get the script and mark in pencil the best lines and how to get the most laughs.

"And he was a confident comedian, which made him generous. He would help you in delivering a line to get the most out of it, he liked to work in a good team."

'Innocent quality'

Actress Rula Lenska, who worked with him on TV and in pantomime, paid tribute to his comic style.

"It was suggestive but never in your face or aggressive. It had an innocent quality that you rarely find today.

"He was a joy to work with and even after an exhausting day in pantomime he would have time for the fans who crowded round the stage door."

Fellow pantomime dame Danny La Rue called him "irreplaceable".

The 79-year-old added: "John was wonderful in panto. The children adored him. He had a magic touch. Panto can be exhausting - but he loved it.

"He was such a fantastic and inventive actor, and he could play serious roles too. He wasn't all about that flippant catchphrase 'I'm free!' But that's what made him. When that show first started he was just one of the salesmen, but they soon saw a star."

Inman's long-term partner, Ron Lynch, is said to be "devastated" at his death

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That Time of the Year Again...But Earlier and Longer!

A friendly reminder to forward yer clocks by one hour this Sunday March 11th at 2am

Yeah, it's a month earlier than before The second Sunday in March from here on out and we "fall back" the first Sunday in November. (Nov. 4th this year.)

You can read more about it here!

It still bites the Grand Wazoo. Although we here in Arizona don't have to bother, it still a bit of a pain to have to readjust to the new time difference with the rest of the country and having to explain to the parental units a dozen times how many hours back I am from them now.