Thursday, October 28, 2004

"Idiots On Parade" Story of the Week Plus a Small Mutt Post

Man Superglues Condom to Penis

Some people....


Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of my becoming owner of my humble abode, Casa de Clutter. It was the first place I looked at when I was house-hunting and decided it was the place. I only looked at other places after the fact, just to make sure I had made an attempt and to prove that I made the right decision. I did...nothing else I saw (about 6 other places) had what CdeC had and at that price. Space, personality, dual cooling (both swamp cooler and a/c for those non-Arizonans out there), a pantry, TWO linen closets, and TWO fireplaces. Not that I ever have used them, mind you, but they sure do look nice. And a yard! Not bad for a condo.

I found out today that the volunteer coordinator's last day is tommorrow. Dunno exactly what happened but I'm not surprized. Nothing against her by any means, but the job can be overwhelming(from what I know...lotsa work involved) and that may have been a factor. Anyway, best of luck to her and I wonder how the center will deal with getting a new one since they need to hire quickly.

On a trivial note on the medical front, I'm getting my flu shot tomorrow! No one has been able to give any out since no one out here was able to get a hold of any but it seems to be starting to make it's way into the TooStoned area now. My doctor's office apparently got a hold of some and they're handing them out now to those "high risk" groups, of which I'm one. One of the very few perks of being asthmatic.

I've been on the wait list for the County Health Dept. for when their shots get in but it looks like my doc's office beat them to it. I'll call up the Health Dept. tomorrow and cancel.