Wednesday, November 03, 2004


BTW - The picture below ain't of me.


I've just spent the past couple of hours catching up on my blog reading for the day (I normally do this at night since I don't always get the chance during the daytime) and I'm amazed and overwhelmed by the many wonderful (albeit sad, angry, disappointed, and/or frustrated) posts concerning the results of yesterday's elections. Yes, I'm up there with them with my feelings about it but these people all said it before me and all in a far better way than I ever could. I wish I could be as literate and overflowing with talent at the written word as many of these people are but so far only in my jealousy-fueled dreams.

Anyway, I'm going to wallow in pity and sorrow for a bit but I know that will lose its novelty (and I'll find something new to wallow about) and I know it'll be best to find something constructive to do with the negative energy. Chris put it wonderfully:

"What we -- and by we, I don't just mean the organization I work for, but ALL OF US, got it? This means YOU too -- have to do is work our heiners off. We have to be smart. We have to be relentless. Take your time to freak out, by all means. Gnash your teeth and rend your clothing and spend the next few days in the fetal position in an alcohol-induced stupor -- I certainly will. And then pick your ass up off the floor, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. You don't have to go off the deep end and devote your career to it, but you have to do something. Volunteer for a progressive organization that does good work for The Gay or reproductive freedom or civil liberties or your friendly local non-Republican political party. Skip one night of cocktails and write a check to some of these causes instead once in a while. Educate your own damn self. Most importantly, be part of figuring out how to talk to the people who voted for all these Bible-banging nutjobs.

In short, DO SOMETHING. Because, clearly, just voting isn't enough anymore."