Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Stuff

Well, since the polls are now closed everywhere, so much for saying "Go vote!". I hope y'all did, tho. Just sitting here right now watching the returns and Shrub is in the lead. If he does officially win, this is a perfect example of how I'll feel:

.:LeSigh:. I hope it doesn't come to that since my face might freeze like that and that's not a good thing. Speaking of which, I wonder how Miz Martha is doing these days?

So far Clarence Dupnick has been reelected to the sheriff's office here again. I think he's been that since before dirt was invented. Seem like it. Looks like Sen. John McCain also won again.

More later....

Moments later....

Looks like Jim "Formerly Closeted" Kolbe has been reelected and so has Raul Grijalva as congressman for Arizona's District 7 which is great since he's a democrat and supports gay marriage.

Proposition 200 which is on immigration and requiring proof of citizenship for voting and getting public services seems to be passing as well.

On a non-voting but sad point, looks like Everlasting CharlieStalker is putting his blog on hiatus. I certainly hope he doesn't and if he does, I hope it's short and temporary.