Friday, November 05, 2004


Just came across this article here:

"We announced it on September 17th already, but now we can already reveal you the first dates of the upcoming Dead Can Dance reunion tour. The tour will kick off in Ireland on March 10th followed by gigs in Holland (March 12th), France (March 14th and 16th), Belgium (March 17th), France (March 19th), Spain (March 21st and 22nd), Italy (March 24th), Germany (March 26th, 27th, 29th), Poland (March 31st), Latvia (April 1st), Russia (April 3rd) and England (April 6th). More dates are to be announced soon. Lisa Gerrard said already this about the reunion tour: 'The lineup of musicians is absolutely phenomenal, actually it is better then that, this will without doubt be the Dead Can Dance concert to see and hear, it is hard to contain my excitement and anticipation.'"

They should be heading to the States as well. I just checked Brendan Perry's website(which could use a larger font) and it looks like they'll be heading over to this country in September.