Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"Byte Me!" Session No. 459 and Mutt Post*

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Gotta letter today from my health insurance provider (United Healthcare of AZ) that as of February 1, 2005 my rate is going to go up over 300-fuckin'-percent!!! From $250/month to $758.50/month! (I pay for my own insurance) Yeah, like I can afford THAT! I'm sure the other subscribers are crapping in their pants about it as well. And they don't even cover prescriptions! I take 3 asthmatic drugs per day (plus one other) that are wonderful and I thank The Powers That Be that they exist but they're expensive, even getting them from Canada, which I do since I save over $1,300/year on what Walgreen's charges. Granted, UHC has not raised my rate in at least 8 years but Cheezus H. Christ on a freaking raft! What a shocker!

Well, this means that I gotta scramble to find an alternate and cheaper provider. I'll call up my insurance agent that handles my property insurance and see what he can find that'll accept a pre-existing health problem and one that won't freak if someone's 2 lbs. overweight. I'm also going to check to see what Arizona's policies are about getting a small/home business license and see if I can get a small buisness health plan.

If anyone out there reading this has any ideas, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll appreciate any and all recomendations.


Chris has a spiffy interview with Gothamist here. Check it out!


This Craigs List personals ad is too funny not to post.

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And Chrisafer has hit Celebrity Status since he's now gotten himself name-dropped in Washington, D.C.'s Metro Weekly's Hearsay gossip column. I promise not to trash him on the A-List Celebrity Hate List Parade Tribe unless he starts to hang out with Courtney Love and The Widow Anna Nicole Smith.

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This is sorta revenge on Gregg for planting that evil Banana Phone song in my head a while back.

Alas, I dunno how well dial-up modems will handle it so my apologies for any difficulties and best to turn yer speakers down a touch.

Miko Miko Nurse.

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