Friday, May 20, 2005

Good News; Dumb Bird

First off - Some encouraging poll news. This article titled "Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress: NBC/WSJ poll reveals 'angry electorate'" says that their approval rating is at 33%, down 6 points since April and 8 since January, and that Americans seems upset with Congress' battles over judges, Terry Schiavo, and Social Security. I'm glad that there still seems to be some brain function left out there. Let's hope this disatisfaction gets stronger as an election gets closer.


As for the dumb bird, there's nothing like be awoken twice in "da wee hours of da dawn" by some bizarre noise at your bathroom window, giving you the frightening thought that someone is trying to break in, only to find a mourning dove trying to have a knock-down, drag-out pecking fight with its own reflection in the glass.

Dunno which is worse, that or the friggin' woodpeckers who decide to practice their hammering on my chimney caps at around the same time.