Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another Sign

Dunno where this sign is located but someone should inform the cows in that area that they are NOT lemmings


Anyway, the street resurfacing was completed yesterday mid-afternoon and the lines in the two parking areas done this morning. Right on schedule! Gotta hand it to them.

Unfortunately, it looks like I got some sort of a cold. My poor nose is running like crazy and I'm sneezing right and left. I thought at first it was just allergies but nope, not with the way I feel today. I just hope it passes by Monday since I might get the chance to meet up with Pony who is in town for his sister's graduation from the Ooh of Ahh.


I did some checking around last night on the 1920 population census that has and it was a hoot to find some of my relatives there. It was a challenge at first since the names were misspelled by the census taker. (They went door-to-door at the time and wrote everything down by hand and I gather a sizable amount of the names were written down phonetically since I doubt no form of identification was had or asked for) My paternal grandmother's first name was spelled "Mali" as was my cousin/her niece but the name was actually "Molly". My mother's sister was down as "Carrie" when her name was actually "Carolyn" and my maternal grandfather's name was put down as "Herman" when it was actually "Hyman" (Shut it!)

My next challenge is to find my paternal grandfather somewhere on 14th St. since I gather he was still living at home with his mother and most of his 10 siblings. I tried a name search but to no avail.