Saturday, January 15, 2005



Just spent the past 3.75 hours dismantling The Old Trooper and putting together The Young Upstart (my temporary name for the new 'puter til I settle on a permanent one.) I inhaled more dust than I care to figure out which is doing numbers on my lungs but not as bad as I was anticipating, thankfully. Who knew that that much dust can collect behind, on, and around something in nearly 7 years? Yeah, that's how old The Old Trooper was. Pentium II, 2 gig hard drive, 128 mgs RAM, MicroFlacid 98. Yeah, time for an update, dontcha think? I completely forgot that I needed the cd-rom for the cable modem. Thankfully and amazingly, I found that buried under a dust-ladened pile of papers. Now, to get the software set up to what I want. First, tho to suck down on my aerobid...

And if anyone wants to buy me a top-of-the-line Mac, I won't argue! ;-)