Monday, January 10, 2005

Boohbahs and Bozos (and Addendums)

This one goes to Karen who mentioned those bizarre embryonic Teletubbies today:

Bush Urges UN Action to Stop Boohbah Proliferation

And to fashmagslag for describing them as "...they look like hideously deformed muppet uncircumcized penises."

Too bloody perfect.


As for the Bozos - Phreddy Phelps and his merry band of deformed muppet uncircumcized penises. They didn't show up today at Rincon High School to protest as they announced a few days ago. This wasn't unexpected since they've announced protests before and not show up (although i heard on one local news report this afternoon that they rescheduled for March). The school was prepared just in case and the counter-protest at Wingspan had a strong turn out, which I'm very happy to hear. Both the school district Rincon High is in and another local school district were in full support of the the anti-Phelps protest. Great to hear giving this is known as a conservative, republican state.


::chuckle:: Just came across a blog that was linked to mine where the poster was thinking about creating a nightmare cast for "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy but so far only had Courtney Love as Gollum. He's off to a nice start!


Happy birthday to my parents (my dad's was last Wednesday and my mom's today)