Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nerdness; "Comcast - Byte Me!" #896; Assorted Mess

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Once again, I (along with every other customer they have here in TooStoned) got zapped by the "Why don't you get a life?" Monster courtesy of Comcast last night. At the stroke of midnight ZAP! out goes my cable modem connection as well as cable tv service. A broken fiber optic cable, apparently. Took over 3 hours for them to finally fix. Ah, well! At least it's working...for now.


AWW! Apprently, poor Ashlee Simpson got booed at the Orange Bowl Halftime show Tuesday night! ::LeSniff::


Here's some more info on what the local counter protest against Rev. Phred and His Merry Band of Psicko Psychos will be:


Wingspan has learned that Fred Phelps may be protesting at Rincon/University
High School (RHS/UHS) on Monday, January 10 in the morning. Phelps is
targeting RHS/UHS because of the drama department's production of the play,
"The Laramie Project" last month.. The play is about the community of
Laramie, Wyoming's reaction to and struggle with 21-year-old Matthew
Shepard's brutal murder by two of its own residents.

For ten years, Phelps and his Westboro Baptists -- a congregation of 22
people almost entirely composed of his extended family -- have waged a
battle against LGBT and other marginalized people. Phelps uses pickets and
an array of intimidating tactics to instigate violence and create scores of
lawsuits that fund his work. Phelps is best known for his protest at Matthew
Shepard's funeral.

Wingspan staff met with Tucson Unified School District officials on
Wednesday to discuss effective responses to Phelps' planned protest.

Wingspan and RHS/UHS urge community members to *NOT* go to the school,
butinstead drop by Wingspan (300 E 6th St in Tucson) starting at 7:00 am to
sign a card in support of students and administration for their production
of "The Laramie Project."

The Southern Poverty Law Center ( strongly urges
people to NOT attend hate events, but instead find an effective outlet for
anger and frustration. As much as you may like to physically show your
opposition to Fred Phelps, direct confrontations and counter-protests only
serve his purpose.

The intent of holding an event away from the school is to isolate Phelps,
rather than honor his wishes of a media spectacle. A strong, unified showing
of community members at Wingspan on Monday morning is the best response to
Fred Phelps' hate.

Also, keep in mind that Fred Phelps' purposely tries to provoke violence
from counter-protesters, in an effort to have them arrested and create
lawsuits that fund his work. Phelps, a disbarred attorney, has filed
hundreds of lawsuits--14 members of his congregation are lawyers.

LGBT community members and are our strong, straight allies are encouraged to
stop by Wingspan starting Monday morning, January 10th at 7:00am to sign a
card in support of RHS/UHS students and administration. Please bring your
coffee and plan to stay for a bit and chat with other progressive Southern
Arizonans. The card will be available to sign until 6:00pm on Monday.

Wingspan will deliver the card to the school on Tuesday.

RHS/UHS will be sending home a letter to students and parents/guardians
regarding Phelps' planned protest, encouraging students, parents, and
guardians to not counter-protest Phelps at the school, as well.

Fred Phelps may also be protesting at several Tucson churches on Sunday,
January 9th. Wingspan is in the process of contacting the churches to offer
our support, and find out what their wishes are. Please check later this week for more information
regarding the churches and any possible actions.