Thursday, January 20, 2005

Trump Dump Broadway

Oh, Lawdy! This sounds like hitting rock bottom but then, "Jerry Springer: The Musical" seems to be a hit.

Trump musical has him fired up


Scary as it might sound, people could one day be whistling "You're
Fired" down Broadway.

That's because Donald Trump, the billionaire who boasts about the art
of the deal, and Mark Burnett, the producer of "The Apprentice," are
talking about a musical version of the reality show for the stage.

Somewhere David Merrick is spinning in his grave.

"There's a tremendous buzz about it in Broadway circles," Trump said
yesterday. "I just want a reincarnation of Cary Grant to play me. I
don't care if he can act, just as long as he looks good."

Burnett, who also produces "Survivor," is writing the book for "The
Apprentice: The Musical."

Trump yesterday gave few details about any story line or concept for
the show, though he did share a prediction.

"'The Apprentice' on Broadway," Trump said, "would be a smash."

"It's a love story," Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's very

The production would draw on "The Apprentice," an NBC reality
competition to find a future Trump employee. Naturally, there will be
a character playing Trump.

If the show actually does get produced, it will be yet another revenue
stream for Trump, Burnett and their partners on "The Apprentice."
Since the show launched, Trump has once again become a media darling.
He's also become a licensing magnet, launching a Trump fragrance,
Trump water and a Trump doll, and his 1989 board game was re-released.

"We are really looking at it," Trump said. "We've had a lot of
interest on Broadway. Because of the great success [of 'The
Apprentice'] every producer on Broadway wants to get involved with us."

To be successful on the Great White Way, Trump said the musical would
have to include some of the love and anxiety already contained within
the TV show.

"It still needs to stand on its own legs," he said of the production.
"You can't just put 'The Apprentice' on the marquee and expect it to

Word of the potential musical comes just days before the third season
of "The Apprentice" launches on NBC - and Trump's now much-hyped wedding.

Meanwhile, Trump has yet to sign up for a fourth version of "The
Apprentice," but said yesterday NBC really wants him back and he's
probably going to do it.