Sunday, August 29, 2004

Bea-ing a Terrorist

Apprarently, Miz Arthur caused a bit of a stir at Logan Airport earlier this week. I hope Estelle Getty and Dennis are keeping an eye out for tall women with crazed looks in their eyes the next few days.

In other entertainment news Laura Branigan, probably best known for singing "Gloria" in 1982, died at 47 the other day.

As far as school's going, I finally got my books in the delivered to Casa de Clutter yesterday (Friday) after the school's bookstore ran out days ago and being told that the materials were on back order until at least next week, if we're lucky! Glad I didn't get them someplace else! Even Amazon was saying at least a 2-3 week delay. So, I've been busy catching up and planning my time in the lab next week.

I've surprized myself in seeing how excited I am about going back. I haven't been in school for a few years now and have dreaded doing it again since I'm burnt out on homework, tests, papers to do, reading that I had to do rather than wanting to, etc. but this time I realized that all of my General Education requirements have already been fulfilled long ago and dont have to be repeated and the majority of classes I still need to take are all lab work which doesn't need to be brought home. SO! My free time is mine alone to do with as I please. There's one human anatomy class that I need to take and a couple of medical terminology classes that need home time to memorize stuff but that's it.

Other than that, I believe Zen Leo said something about needing change and that hit home for me. I've found that I'm very much a creature of habit and have gotten into a bit of a routine for too long now. I realize that I need to change that somehow and getting my butt in gear, taking up school, and starting a new career of sorts seems to be doing the trick right now. I just hope the newness of it all lasts.