Tuesday, August 24, 2004


That was my best Dr. von Frankenstein impression from Bride of Frankenstein

Thanks to a Jetsetting Piggy who let me know that haloscan had an automatic code inserter, I finally got it set up here. Now, to finally sget my blogrolling stuff in place....

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


Well, the Fall semester finally kicked in today (Aug. 23rd) so it was off to the orientation for one of my courses. Both are self-paced and in the same lab area (i'll deal with the other one later when the perverbial dust settles from tyhe beginning of the semester) Should be a challenge in getting my typing skills worked on. My typing speed has never been timed so I've NO idea how well I do.

OH! I haven't mentioned that I'm taking a couple of Office and Admin. support classes to work my way into medical billing...We'll see how it progresses.

Campus was a mad house as expected, especially the danged parking lot. Amazing - With the campus remodeling a couple of years back, they just about doubled the amount of parking but it's STILL a mess. I was expecting to be not only the oldest in the lab but the only male as well. WRONG on both counts! I was a bit surprized. The lab is for serveral different classes and there seemed to be at least another two classloads there for their orientations as well so I know my calls wasn't the only one with older students as well as several men.

Well, off to take out the trash and recycle bin before beddy-bye!