Friday, April 06, 2007

If I Was Christian, I'd Be Going to Hell 'Bout Now

I was just watching The Sound of Music on CBN just now as I was making my usual internet rounds so I wasn't paying complete attention to what was on right after the closing credits ended.

Well, as soon as it ended, CBN News started and the anchor (are they called anchors on that "news" show?) said that this weekend was a major holiday for Christianity - (and as I heard it) the erection of Jesus! Imagine my spit-take when I thought I heard that.

Now, time for me to turn the channel before any of CBN makes me ill.


A few assorted things:
Only 153 hits till I reach 50,000!! wow! Although many of them are for seeing a nekkid supposed Huge Jackman.

It seems I got some sort of bug or spider bite on my upper back a few days and a very inconvenient spot on my back! It itches and I hope it's just scabbing over and not becoming infected. (Yeah, I know...TMI)

Albert Maysles who, along with his brother David, did such documentaries as Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens will be in TooStoned in September showing Grey Gardens. I'm planning to go.