Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Phonebook At the End of the Universe

The new phonebooks arrived in my neighborhood yesterday and this afternoon, I went to take a look for something in the yellow pages. The business white pages are right in front of it and, giving my shits and giggles in spotting silly, funny, and/or unsual names, I always keep my eye out for that kinda stuff.

Well, I got to the last page of the aforementioned buisness section, glanced over and spotted Mr. Beeblebrox. Being that I have this camera, I figured I'd try to take a pic and post it. Not too shabby giving the size of the print.

My top fave intersesting names that I've spotted in the phonebook over the years have been:
- Allowishes T. Kornpone
- Dan Steely (givinng that the residential section lists last names first, it was listed as Steely Dan)
- Shirley Shirley (2 of them! One even married into that name!)