Monday, February 19, 2007

Ah, Shit!

Well, tonite was the night I was forced to finally switch over to the new Blogger set-up. Apparently, they're outta beta now and into the final version. I dreaded this since I'm not all THAT fond of change and I've heard a lot of complaints about the new version. Besides, I have to use my haven't-used-in-ages gmail account. I was surprized I even remember what the addy was! We'll see what happens with this blog.


Anyway, wierd news from the parental unit situation. My mother told me today (Sunday) that she's "taking a vacation" from my father for a bit. Not sure how long but for now, a month (the length of time she paid for at an apartment complex in the same city they live in) and this in 9 days from their 58th anniversary!

They're 84 (dad) and 81(mom). They both have had their share of health problems the past 4 years. My mom discovered she had breast cancer March, 2003. Luckily. they seem to have caught it in time and she went through a mild form of chemo. So far, no signs of it showing up again since (she got checked out a month or so ago). At the same time she was going through the chemo, my father started having leg problems where they would collapse under him. Apparently, its circulatory in nature and it weakens his legs preventing them from supporting him for any length of time. He can walk but not well and only for short periods of time. He's still got the problem with no certainty of it going away and his Type 2 diabetes ain't helping. (He also developed that a couple of years ago and does little to take care of it properly).

My mom can't physically care for him 24/7 especially if he falls and emotionally, she shouldn't have to be glued to him 24/7 anyway for her emotional health anyway. They've had an assistant come in about 8 hours a day for the past 4 years. Luckly, long-term care insurance, Medicare, and the money they have as enabled them to pay for the assistant.

My father is has never been the easiest person to deal with and being disabled the way he has been and other health problems related to being old has made him even worse and more difficult to deal with him. Apparently, he's now got it into his head that my mother is having an affair with the assistant! And refuses to believe otherwise despite my mother arguing about it. Believe me - my mother is NOT having an affair. She's too old and the assistant is NOT her type and she wouldn't have one even if the best attributes of Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift, and Errol Flynn all merged together and begged her, she wouldn't be in the mood.

My mother mentioned it to their doctor who knows them quite well and she told my mother that for her own well-being, get her own place. She doesn't need the stress and bullshit. Doc also phoned my sister and informed her and my sister agreed. Well, she informed my father and moved out today into a very nice seniors place that sounds wonderful. She also told my father that she's not moving out, just getting her own place for a bit for a break from the bullshit.

I'm glad she did that since I know how she can over-worry and stress herself out and giving how demanding he can be, I'm glad she can get a break but just hearing about the crap he dumped on her has got me pissed off at him and I doubt he'll listen to anyone. I haven't spoken to him since I found out; I dunno what to say nor do I want to deal with him at this point.

Sheesh! I joked with my mother that they're now separated and I knew their marriage wasn't going to last. She laughed.


And Dave, I've spaced out that meme! I'll do it soon! Really!