Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Yeah, still here, busy other places and not a whole heck of a lot to post of (well, less than usual!)

Anyway, happy 53rd birthday to my sister! Sent her a card last week, I hope she got it!

And I'm sure y'all heard about the 100th anniversary of the Ess Eff quake today. Shortly after the '89 quake (Which I went through), I found out from my maternal grandmother that her aunt (her mother's sister; my great-great aunt) and her family had survived that quake! Apparently, that sister had immigrated to the States some time before that, got married there or moved there after she got married (I don't recall now). My grandmother and her immediate family (parents, siblings) had immigrated from London to New York about a month before the quake and when great grandmother heard about the quake, she put a message for her sister in one of the Yiddish papers in hopes that sis was still alive and would see it (and to let her know that she was now in NYC) Well, sis saw the ad and got in contact with her and eventually moved to NYC.

Alasw, that's all I know of that part of my family but it make for a nice footnote in my family's history.


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