Saturday, March 25, 2006

FURBALL! and Ghosts of Ads Past

OMG! This is a grand-prize winning Angora rabbit! Cheezus H. Christ on a cracker! Are THEY ever friggin' furry! Here's a link to the breeder's website with more pictures!


One of my NYC aquaintances has been taking pictures of "ad ghosts" (like the pic above - ads that were painted on the sides of buildings many moons ago and that have faded over time) around NYC for a while and she posted a website of a gent who took pictures of several of them over the past 15 or so years. I stumbled across another website of his that has pictures of them that he took that exist between 14th and 42nd St. in NYC.

Growing up there and seeing some of them, I occasionally wondered what those places were like and what their stories were and now, all these years later, I find that my interest in discovering stuff like them, "relics of the past" in a way, has grown quite a bit.