Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bumble Head Squish

Bumble Head Squish
Originally uploaded by azLee.

That's the Bumble having his head squished by me a la "The Kids in the Hall". I'll probably get to doing that to Rudolph the Red (who knows rain, dear), Yukon Cornelius, and Hermey one of these days.

Anyway, I FINALLY got my ass in gear about getting my rook KoolKote'ed sometime in the next month or two. It desparately needs to be done since I've never had it done in the nearly 9 years I've owned the place and I've no idea when the two previous owners had it done prior to that.

The property manager was stunned that I hadn't had any leaks in the roof after 9 years of not doing anything and the guy who is going to be checkin' out my roof tomorrow laughed in amazement at the same thought. (Or at least I hope he ain't laughing at the amount of money he xan take me for!) I was told by property manager to expect somewhere between $400-$700 for the job (I have a 2100 sq. ft. townhome and I dunno how much of the roof needs to be done) and Zod knows how much it'll be if I need the roof replaced.

Keep yer fingers crossed it doesn't come to that.