Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh Goody!

The job of hosting the 78th Academy Awards will go to Jon Stewart, the Emmy-winning writer-host of "The Daily Show"! Can't wait to see how he does the job!


Today's my dad's 83rd birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! (Although, I know he'll never see that since he's never turned on a computer, let alone worked one) I left a message on the 'rents answering machine but haven't heard back. I know they went out to dinner to a nice Italian restaurant.

My mom's 80th birthday is in 5 days.

Ugh! Friggin' stye on my lower left eyelid....hate 'em!

Discovered the other day that I have call waiting! I had no idea! I do NOT remember ever ordering it and I've never paid for it so thank you, Qwest!