Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Been dealing with a low-level migraine for most of the day so I've had little desire to stare at the monitor screen too much since the brightness bothers me but I figured I post a few funny/odd subject titles I've read on some e-mail spam I've received the past couple of days:

- Re: He nanometer must suite
- Last triangulate might tackle
- Slave tied and clamped (Apparently, this one is for the bondage set out there - Lee)
- Upon cabaret making archfool (Maybe Bobby Short can perform that at The Carlyle! Lee)
- Re: in live he barker
- Re: Take baldy done brendan
- No find do camel (Apparently, for the beastiality set. - Lee)
- Re: In eugene too obfuscate same
- Famous cartoons posing naked (Wow! Toon Porn! PlayToon. See Charlie Brown and Lucy nekkid!)


The Electric Mayhem

And speaking of Muppets, I discovered, via, the existance of Muppet Wiki, a Muppet database that anyone can edit!! Apparently, it made it felty debut on December 5th.