Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, I finally finished off the semester today (Thursday). Did my last Medical Terms I test(on obstetrics and neonatology) this afternoon. I'll find out the offical final grade in another week or two. After I handed that in, I checked my other folder to find out what I got on my final work I did for my Records Management class. To my surprize, I Aced the work, which was surprizing since I had a minor migraine, which is always fun when trying to think, and when I was doing my final assignment, a woman who overdid her perfume sat right down next to me. Yeah, thanx lady! Bad enough I have negative reactions to perfumes and colognes but I gotta migraine to boot so excuse me while your sickeningly sweet stench makes me heave a little! BLAH! Anyway, I miraculously managed to do well and even got an "A" for the final grade for the class. Yay, me! The frackin' easy Explorer class I finished off back in October has an offical "A" as the final semester grade.

So another semester down and who knows how many more I gotta do. I gotta figure that out one of these days. And now - play catch-up on all the movies I missed seeing in the theatres the past several months. I rented 5 on my way home from Hollywierd Vidiot:
Blade: Trinity
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Kung Fu Hustle
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and
Finding Neverland .

I saw Blade: Trinity this evening. Luckily, I knew it was lousy prior to seeing it but I still wanted to oogle Ryan Reynolds. ::LeSigh:: He and his lines are the only good thing about the movie.

I plan to watch the rest over the next few nights and then go out and rent another batch. I love vacations.