Monday, December 26, 2005


While doing a seldom lurk on ebay just now (I've GOT to stay away from there; otherwise, my checkbook gets very scared) I stumbled upon this amber Tea Room vase up on the cyber-auction block. So far the price is $425.00.

Tea Room is one of the styles of Depression Era glass I've collected now since I bought my first piece at a Depression Era glass convention in Durham, NC back in 1989. The style was put out by the Indiana Glass Company from 1926 to 1931 and in the colors coke-bottle green, clear, and pink. They also put out very few pieces in amber and now, 75-80 years later, there's even fewer of them still around and are highly prized by collectors.

I already have one vase in amber and an amber creamer and sugar bowl but my Inner Golum covets The Precious. ::LeSigh:: What to do? What to do? Should I be practical and not feed my shopping jones? Or give in? Alas, if it was an amber pitcher, I'd already be betting my fingers off since THAT is the one piece I decided to go for if I ever came across it. Yes, I do have a personal Holy Grail.


In other news, I spoke to my mother earlier tonight and she's having fun in Switzerland. She's there with my sister and nephew till Thursday on a vacation. Her only gripe is that there's SO much snow there right now and she ain't used to it anymore.