Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Chance to Finally Siddown and Post

Been a bit too busy to post but now that the busy stuff is done for the week, I can finally have a few moments to post.

I've still been dealing with that frelling sore throat this week and went to my allergy and asthma doc this past Tuesday. It struck me over last weekend that since it was going on far longer than usual, I wasn't experiencing any other symptoms other than a very irritated throat and times of dreading swallowing, that it might be thrush caused by my using Advair. (It's one of the more popular inhalers used by asthmatics and it contains a cortocosteroid which can cause thrush.) he checked it all out and he agreed with my diagnosis. Got me started on Mycelex that day and be taking it since. Well, it seems to be doing the trick so I'm happy the problem was discovered.


Despite having troubles talking, I still managed to deal with reality and the outside world which included school. Trudged through 3 tests this week (two yesterday and one today) all of which I feel confident that I passed with flying colors. So far, I'm a month ahead in one class, 2.5 months ahead in another, and on schedule with the third. Not too shabby for a lazy-assed bum!


Found some of my relatives Tuesday nite on that 1920 census! got quite a bit of that census up and available finally so I went to check it out and found those rascally relatives! My father's father's parents, and the 5 youngest kidlets (out of the 11) They were living over on W. 17th St. and about 8th Ave (in Manhattan)! OMG, Chelsea! But back when Chelsea wasn't "cool" (not with the NYC gay crowd anyway!)It also surprized my parents since they didn't know that any of my father's side of the family ever lived on the west side of Manhattan since they mostly lived on the lower east side since they all boated over from Europe and then in the Bronx in by 1930. (My mother's side mostly lived in Brooklyn) And at least I found out that my great grandfather was still alive at that point. My father only knew that he had been dead for a few years by the time my dad was born but he didn't know the exact year and no one alive for the past several decades knew either. (My grandfather died back in 1957) I gather great granddad died shortly thereafter.


The past few weeks, I've had parts of this song playing through my brain along with snippets of the video that went with it. It came out either in 82 or 83 and I haven't seen it since so I didn't remember what the name of the song was (Close to the Edit) nor the band's name (Art of Noise) and THAT was driving me nutso. Well, thank da Lawd for google! I was able to track it down!

And here it is complete with cute hoont! I wonder whatever happened to the girl?