Sunday, September 11, 2005


I hate being a sicklet. Alas, a head cold decided to move in late Friday night/early Saturday morning and I've been dealing with it ever since. Between that, trying to stay on top of homework, and battling the idiotic PhundiePhobes on AOL, I've only had enough mental energy to read other people's sites and occasionally comment. Luckily, the cold hit me after Jamie Bamber/Capt. Adama's wonderful towel handling on Battlestar Galactica on Friday night! :-)


And a happy birthday to Sam and to Josh.


It struck me last night while watching a retrospective on the first 5 years of SNL on NBC that SNL started 30 years ago this month! Cheezus H. Christ on a raft! 30 years already?! ::shaking head:: "Time's fun when yer having flies", said the frog.