Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I WasWaiting For Them to Say It

It's all the gay people's fault, according to Repent America.

Apparently, in retribution for the upcoming Sounthern Decadence, God, Jesus, and the ever self-righteous Michael Marcavage decided that New Orleans needed to be taught a lesson.

Yeah, right! If God hated homosexuals so much then why not wait until Southern Decadance? Coulda gotten a lot more of "dem nasty, dirty faggots" if Katina hit them. And why such a widespread area? Biloxi, MS doesn't have anything to do with S.D. Or maybe it was the casinos that God decided to destroy as well? And why all the other affected areas? Sheesh! Repent America's God must have pretty poor aim and lousy timing.

To Repent America - Bite me! Blow me! Buy a friggin' clue!