Monday, August 08, 2005

Super Powers!

Say hello to Whatever Woman! One of two super heros I recently met over on the "I Shoulda Been a Superhero" tribe on _WhatEver_ introduced Whatever Woman to the tribe. Her super powers are: To blow off any SuperBitch, Speed Shopping, Jabber Jaw Attack, Invoke PMS, Hyper Denial, and a Withering Stare. The Cell phone is her weapon.

The other Super Hero is Captain Hangover who was introduced by Alas, no image of him. To quote Jess: "he comes in quietly, with Alka Selzer, makes you coffee and a nice omelette, cleans up the empties (if any) or goes to pick your car up for you at whatever bar you may have left it at before stumbling home to curl up on someone's couch with a bath-towel as a blanket. He then gives you some B-vitamins, draws you a bath, and gives you a tender hug before quietly slipping out the door again."

Both are great!


Other than that, things are pretty quiet here at Casa de Clutter. Registered for classes for the fall. Luckily, they added a section of one of the classes which made me happy in my pants since that section fits in nicely with my preferred schedule. 2 1/2 more weeks of vacation to enjoy.