Saturday, July 23, 2005

Come On Over!

Oh, Lawdy! I just had fun reliving some childhood memories. For those who grew up in the NYC metro area prior to 1971, you'll pro'lly remember Palisades Amusement Park, located just south of of the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ.

I remember going there twice when I was a wee tyke. Once with my parents and the other with a kids group that met at the Westside YMCA on West 63rd Street in Mahattan (where we took the train up to the GW Bridge and WALKED over the bridge to the park!) O recall the HUGE saltwater pool (biggest in the world, at least at the time), the Hall of Mirrors, the tramway, the Cyclone rollercoaster (which I was too much of a wuss to ride), and all sorts of other attractions.

This site here is chock full of information and pictures as well as documentary dvd on the place which I'm planning to buy at some point.

Alas, the property was sold and the Park closed down forever on September 12, 1971 after 73 years, much to the dismay of many people (I'm sure the kids, especially) who had been there.

To this day, I still can hum the tune for the radio and tv ads that were run back in the 60's for both the park here and for the Little Miss America contest here. (Real Audio needed for both)