Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yippy Skippy!

::!!BounceBounceBounce!!:: Oh, I'm so excited and happy in the pants! Got official confirmation today from my mom that my birthday prezzies from the parental units are on their way! They got me a digital camera (a Kodak Easy Share CX7525), a memory card for it (I told her to get one since it seems that the internal memory is limited), an iPod Shuffle (which I already decided to name Izzy), and a combo scanner/fax/printer which would be great since I'd like to see if I can get some old family photos scanned and loaded up into my flickr account and since I've got limited desktop space in my office, I can put it where my fax machine is now.

So, hopefully by this weekend I can start putting pix on here that I didn't from somewhere else!


The monsoon season officially started this past Monday since today (Wednesday) was the third consecutive day with an average dew point of 54 degrees.