Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'm really having fun with the new camera and Izzy the iPod! Haven't named the camera yet, tho. I will soon. I've downloaded about 14 songs from iTunes so far but I've unfortunately found that there's a lot of songs they don't have! Heck! No Jethro Tull or Lene Lovitch AT ALL!?! What's up with that?!?

I'm debating about d/l'ing songs I already have on cd since I could just as easily d/l those onto the 'puter then put them on Izzy. I'll see.


And speaking of playing with the camera, I just attempted to crop a screen capture using the Kodak software and now to see how it looks when I post it here!

For those who a fans of Rent, there's a new 3 minute long trailer from it out now and can be found here. Quicktime needed.

It's going to be released in November either on the 11th or possibly on the 23rd.

(teehee...the pic looks decent enough. Yay me!)


And I had NO idea that The Henson Company had a pair of gay twins that never appeared in any of their shows or movies! :-) Apparently, they attend the same hair salon as Jan Crouch.