Monday, March 14, 2005

Cool Beans!

News here from the Ain't It Cool website about Lost:

LOST Hiatus Cut Short!!
New Episodes Air March 30 & April 6!!

I am – Hercules!!

This is two weeks earlier than previously thought. Here’s how things shape up going into May sweeps:
1.19 March 30. Deus Ex Machina. Locke makes hatch progress.
1.20 April 06. Do No Harm. Jack helps with labor pains.
1.21 April 20. The Greater Good. Sayid-centric.
1.22 April 27. Born to Run. Kate-centric.
UPDATE!! The Hollywood reporter just posted its story on the Museum of Television & Radio's Saturday "Lost" event, and one of the few new things revealed? The series finale will combine 1.23 and a 90-minute 1.24 to take up 2.5 hours of one May Wednesday night.
Another of the things I don't think I knew prior to this weekend: Jorge Garcia (Hurley) was the first cast. I also didn't know Garcia was a comedian.

Read more of The Hollywood Reporter's story here."