Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Hey, Comcast! Byte Me!" Number 1329

Fucking Comcast! Shutting down service again for 7 hours last night (at my prime online time) for "maintanance" for the second time IN LESS THAN A MONTH! Sheesh! How much does it need, guys?!

Between that and the major road repair and widening near me, I'm hating my neighborhood.


Here's an Advocate Magazine interview with Jay McCarroll (winner of Project Runway) which is a good one. I loved his take on the gay community and completely understand:

"What do you think of the state of gay people in pop culture at the moment?

God, I hate gays. [laughs] Can I just talk about that for a minute? For a community that celebrates diversity, I have never been accepted until I'm on Project Runway. And I have tried. I'm just a bizarre person, I guess. I'm not fucking Brad Pitt. Maybe if I had time to work out. I don't know, I just look at those people, I'm like, "Where do you find time to do that?" That's the time where I'm watching Gastineau Girls or, like, ordering Chinese. I don't understand how the gay community and culture has become such a clonefest. It's horrible for me to watch. When I was young, there was that guy from Are You Being Served? and Boy George, just flamboyant, kind of interesting gay men. Then you grow up and you're 30 and you walk into a bar and everyone looks the same. Oh, I hate it. Not that I want to date a freak. When guys look at me, I'm like "Notice the inside," but then maybe I just notice the outside. So I'm a hypocrite, but, oh well.

I just don't understand gay culture. I'm not an activist. I auditioned for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy back in the day. After seeing the show come out I'm like, Thank God I did not get on this, because if I had to go down to Gay Street next to Straight Street and have to be a part of the Fab Five and say "Cheers Queers," I'd kill myself. People don't often consider the [Runway competitor] Austin Scarletts of the world or the Jays of the world. I think that's been really liberating for me, that response now from the gay community of "Maybe we should accept people like him even though he's a freak and shaped like Buddha." That German model on the show cracked me up. She called me Buddha. Anyway, I hope I can somehow affect something and break a stereotype, because it's hard for people like me out there."