Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tumblin' Tumbleweeds and Food

These are interesting little cottages! Heck, some of them are actually trailers you can hitch to your car. If you got enough backyard space, they can be used as guest cottages/home-office space. If I had the land, I wouldn't mind getting the B52 Bungalow.


This article from the BBC is titled 50 Things to Eat Before You Die. Now, I've eaten several of these but 11 (Moreton Bay Bugs), 20 (Alligator), 28 (Squid), 32 (Guinea pig), 36 (Barramundi), 37 (Reindeer), 42 (Durian fruit), 43 (Octopus), and 48 ( Haggis).

The Moreton Bay bugs are acrtually crustacean from Australia which sounds interesting; alligator - well, I have this fear that that Aussie 'gator wrestler will haunt me if I did; squid and octopus? ck - slimey thingsl Guinea pig - I won't eat a elementary school class pet; barramundi apparently is also a fish so that may be interesting; reindeer? That'll be like eating Rudolph...I just can't do that; Durain fruit, as the article claims, smells like sewage...er...no thanks; and haggis - ick!

sites courtesy of Chefxh.