Monday, December 13, 2004

About Time I Got My Butt In Gear and Posted

First off, here's an article about those wacky Christian fundamentalists who "introduced a bill that would ban the use of state funds to purchase any books or other materials that 'promote homosexuality.'" Yep, they sure do know how to put the "fun" and "mental" into fundamentalism!

Anyway, school finished up for the semester earlier this past week and I'm pretty sure I Aced it, which ain't hard since the work wasn't exactly intense, omnious stuff requiring huge amounts of blood, sweat, and tears. But it was time consuming and there was indeed stuff that I learned or was able to brush up on since it had been a couple of decades since I had to deal with it last.

The screening committee for the GLBT film fest also finally finished up reviewing the films and documentaries this past Thursday. We've got a heaping pile o'stuff to sort through now and make a final decision of what to show. There's some decent stuff out there. We meet next week to start patching a schedule together. I'll post a list of choices once we figure it out and the film fest webpage can also be viewed here.

I was glad all that managed to get done since I was feeling like I was coming down with something flu- or cold-like which I dread happening (and the cause of my brain fogginess a few days ago). I harbor this fear of having anything settle in my chest since I've always been known for having major lung butter congestion and that has a tendancy of irritating my asthma. Take it from me, not being able to breathe ain't my idea of having a good time. In fact, it scares the hell outta me so the second I feel a slight bit oogie, I immediately start making sure I ward off any possible repiratory nastiness. Luckily, it passed. It also was not an opportune time since it was finals week and I had to make sure I got back preview tapes and some equipment to the film fest director.

My nephew also turned 19 last Sunday. Amazing how time flies. He's in his first year of college now and actually likes school! Shocked my sister, I'm sure. Dunno if he's choosen a major yet but it looks like his idea of joining the ROTC has been put aside. Personally, I'm glad, tho. The disipline may have been good for him but I'm not fond of war and hated to see him potentially being sent off somewhere.

It looks like I'm also getting a new 'puter within the next several days! Yay! Courtesy of the parental units. It'll be a PC which I know will put a frown of disapproval on the faces of Mac fans but what the heck! It'll be free so I'm not complaining BUT if anyone wants to buy me a Mac as well, I'll be more than happy to accept such a gracious gift! ;-) The Old Trooper (which is what I've named my current one) has been trudging along now since 1998 (the monitor since 94) and is very outta date size-, speed-, and software-wise. I'm still using Windose 98, on a Pentium II, 2 gig hard drive, and 128 mgs. of RAM. Yeah, not exactly the zippiest, most up-to-date 'puter but it has managed to survive somehow. I've gotta figure out how to give it a decent retirment ceremony.

I also spoke to my sister concerning my parents earlier this week. As mentioned before, she also lives in Florida now so she sees them far more frequently than I do. According to her, they're not in that great shape. Both will be hitting their birthdays next month (mom 79 and dad 82). According to Sis my dad's almost completely wheelchair bound now. I knew he goes via chair when going out and about for extended periods of time since he hasn't fully recovered the strength in his legs but when I questioned my mother she said that around the apartment and building, he gets around with his cane. But my mom has been a bit more forgetful as the months pass. It's not senility at all; she still remembers quite a bit and after seeing my paternal grandmother slide into actual senility, I would've noticed my mother going for it as well but it just seems like "old age forgetfulness" rather than anything else. Either way, it was just a reminder how frail they have become and that scares me as well. It's odd and uncomfortable seeing them that way. In good or bad, they weren't weak people and were a constant. Knowing that "the inevitable" is sooner rather than later is also a bit disconcerning leaving me to wonder if I should at some near point in time move to Florida as well. I dunno....both are otherwise doing okay. They do manage to get around, have a nice apartment, are financially okay, and other than being old and not as energetic as they once were (but in better health than in 2003), they could very well be in worse shape. ::sigh:: I dunno. To quote Miz Scarlett: "I'll think about that tomorrow."