Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I May Have Learned a New Trick!

Lets see if this coding works! Laugh at me all you want! I don't care!

Addendum: TeeHee! It WORKS! It WORKS!


Imagine my surprize to find that I had over 60 people visit my lil' old corner of bugsplat...er...blogspot! Apparently, I owe it all to Annie at Fishbucket.net who had somehow managed to find me and that "Batman: The Wrong Side of the Tracks Years" picture I posted. Welcome, Annie and anyone visiting from her site.


Spoke to my parents over the weekend. My mother seems to be holding up after a whirlwind 36 hour trip up to NYC over the weekend. She (and my nephew, as it turns out) went up there to attend a funeral of a friend of hers who died of heart failure last Thurday. They had known each other for nearly 60 years and first met as college roomies. One of her daughters even became friends with my sister.

It's been the first trip back up there since my 'rents packed up their aparment over 2 years ago and she stayed at another friend's apartment on the upper west side one block from where we used to live back in the '60's. (Josh - it was on Broadway) I asked her how it was to be back after a couple years and she said that although she enjoyed seeing the city again, she sure doesn't wanna live there anymore.

My dad apparently, had another fall Friday night when he slipped off the couch in their den and couldn't get up. (His leg muscles have been weak for a year now, dunno exactly why...something to do with blood being in them that had seeped out of his veins. Dunno exactly what it all means) but he can walk around with a cane or walker. Alas, it's hard to impossible for him to get up off the floor if he falls and there's no way in hell my mother could pick him up. He landed up crawling to the living room where my mother was finally awoken by his calling her (it was about 2am when it happened). They landed up calling the paramedics to help out. He's okay save for some bruising on his knees. Yep, getting old can suck.