Thursday, October 07, 2004

The FELT Agenda or Adam and Eve Not Adam and Sleeve!

RAG! Posted by Hello

Thanks go to Sturtle for mentioning that the good folks at Gawker Media have added a couple of more sites to their family: Screenhead ("An online review of,um, funny shit"), and Kotaku (for gaming fans).

At Screenhead, there's a link to a wonderful send-off of the Not-So-Rev. Phred Phelps' (may he rot in his own existance) site here: God Hates Rags. There's a great movie there titled "FELT: Tearing the Fabric of America" to check out.

There's other very funny stuff at the Screenhead site to check out as well including a flash cartoon involving Shrub, Gary Busey, a couple of ferrets, and the mention of "nasty butt sex".