Saturday, September 25, 2004

As ZeitMark Would Say "A Mutt Post"

First off, I know that I'll probably go to hell for this since the story in itself is tragic but I found the headline a bit ironic:

Body of Missing Sara Lee Executive Found Frozen.

(Thanx to Famous Author Rob for the tip)

In other news, I attended the first meeting of the selection committee for Wingspan's 2005 Film Festival which will be the first weekend of next March. Can't believe it'll be the 10th one! I'm on the features selection team. Dunno what we've got in yet but I'll find out on Monday when I go in to pick up the first round of videos.

Class is coming along; even managed to get a little ahead, which is good since I need to start worrying about starting up the second class within the next couple of weeks and with the film selection process now in gear for the next month and a half, I need to try and keep on top of things. Hopefully, I'll keep my butt in gear.