Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Yet Another Learning Experience From the Land of Geekdom

So, tonight I ventured into learning how to use this Hello software for posting pics on my site instead of linking a photo from another site and taking up their bandwidth. (I also hope it'll help in sizing a photo to my template instead of it possibly hanging over an edge) I tried it with the WYSWYG post and it seems to have worked...or to put it a better way, I seemed to have figured out how to futz with the Hello site. Alas, Hello seems to prefer using the Internet Imploder (my name for it) browser which I really can't stand (I've been using NetScrape for years now) but until I can figure out how to have it use it, I'll deal with it for the duration of posting that particular photo and then log out of IE.

Maybe one day I'll become too experienced in CyberGeekhood so as to be jaded and over this giddiness i feel when I can accompish something like this.