Saturday, January 21, 2006


Spring semester kicked in this past week so I've been slowly making progress in dealing with my feeling of NOT wanting to deal with school again so soon. I WANT TO STILL BE ON VACATION!!!

Luckily, two of my classes are self-paced so I can go in and do the work I need to do in lab when I want to, within the lab's hours. Alas, my medical insurance class is a traditional class time. Unfortunately, it's on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 9pm (PS to anyone thinking of robbing at that time - I got an alarm system tied into the police dept. so don't even think of showing up!) which means that I'll be missing "Lost". ::LeSigh:: And me with a dead vcr and no Tivo. Oh, well! There's summer reruns!

I feel bad about posting this knowing what Scott is going through right now but my mom got back her semi-annual cancer check report a couple of days ago and nothing was found. (It'll be 3 years this March when it was first discovered and had her lumpectomy and chemo.) So, we're all happy.

On more Shelley Winters news, it seems she got married 10 hours before she died! Her daughter was NOT amused.