Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What a Drag!

In response to the Fundies getting their knickers in a twist about SpongeBob, RobotJohnny put together some wonderful pictures exposing the All-American Bugs Bunny (who I do love dearly) as the GASP! RuPaul of the cartoon world!


I gather several of you may have heard about the New York Times article concerning a coalition of major conservative Christian groups called the Arlington Group wrote Shrub threatening to pull support of his Social Security privitization if he didn't back a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. A reason? They were pissed that Shrub & Co. put social Security and other economic issues ahead of TEHIR number 1 issue: preserving "tradional" marriage.

Sheesh! Like the whole friggin' world and/or this country's very existance hinges on this particular topic! Yeah, right! Umm...Arlington Group? Reality just called. It would like for you to come back. The more I deal with these conservative, fundamentalist, ultra right-wing Christian groups and individuals, the more I hate them and the more I do NOT want to be associated with them.


LOL! Someone gets turned on by snow.


BTW - Before I space it again, anyone hear from Zen Leo? His site's been down for a few days and I was wondering how he was doing. Thanx!