Friday, January 28, 2005

Rambling Nonsense

I'm sitting here and I can't believe I'm hearing Kinky Friedman singing "Sold American" over my 'puter's speakers! It's been a long time since I heard The Texas Jew Boy and it's bringing back fond memories. I remember seeing him in concert at the old Lone Star Cafe on 5th Ave. and 8th St. in NYC back in the early 80's. The station I'm listening to is Pirate Cat Radio, a pirate radio (and pirate tv station) in San Francisco (Mission Street, to be exact.) Just found out about it tonight when the head honcho posted about it on So far, I'm enjoying it. I'll be listening some more for further investigation.

Got back the lab results yesterday from a blood draw done last week as part of my annual check-up (although it's been over two years since I had one) and I'm glad to say, everything was normal. Nice to know that nothing's about to fall outta me 'cept an occasional kidney stone. I had forgotten just how cute my primary physician was! ::sigh:: Too bad he's straight and married.

The Young Upstart (the new 'puter) has been fun to have around. It's been wonderful having a faster processor, more RAM that won't cause problems with software or online meanderings, and far more hard drive space (nearly 80 gigs compared to just over 2!)Plus updated Windoze software. (Yes, I know you Mac/Apple fans are gagging but the 'puter was a gift so who am I to complain? And I'll still be ever grateful if any one of you wanna buy me a top-of-the-line Mac! ::g::)

School has been coming along nicely although gotta figure out the software of one of the classes.

If anyone wants to help out the WYSIWYG Talent Show people, they're (well, The ultrasparkalicious Dan to be more exact) looking for models for the first anniversary show next month titled Spawn of Worst. Sex. Ever. that'll be on February 15 at P.S. 122.

I've also noticed over the past several days that I'm getting many hits from many parts of Europe and Asia for that horrendous Ax deordorant Pitman Ad that I posted about back on June 29th as well as about John Waters' A Dirty Shame. I gather both have made it overseas. Anyway, welcome to those who landed here from those searches.

P.S. Lisa - If yer reading this, please call me! Thanx!