Monday, January 31, 2005

Hey, Walgreen's - Byte Me!

Nothing of any major interest other than a quick rant about how some pharmacy techs. don't bother to friggin' check with the person first about an order before they fill it. I've got asthma. One of the drugs I use is Uniphyl which is a brand name for theophylline. It's the only one of that drug I tolerate well so I use it exclusively (and a couple of other types of drugs as well). The generic makes me speedy as all hell but, for some reason, the Uniphyl doesn't affect me as badly.

Now, indeed being able to breathe definitely outweighs putting up with the feeling that you've just downed 3 pots worth of strong coffee but since I've gotta choice in a drug that doesn't give me the Speedies, I'd rather go with that.

Anyway, I told the pharmacy "Uniphyl", the doctor called in Uniphyl, two of the pharmacy techs said and confirmed Uniphyl and they never bothered to double-check if I wanted generic, so what did I get? Generic. The Fuckwads! (Gawd! I love that term!) I told them off and they're switching it for me.


Another bit of news of no interest to anyone but me but I'll post it anyway - Got back my fax machine and it works again. I've had it for about 10 years now and I've grown attached to the Lil' Nipper. Couldn't see parting with it yet. But it looks like it'll be the last time I'll fix it. The next time it goes kerfluey, I'll just get a new one since there's no parts made for it anymore and I could pro'lly get a new one for less than repairing this one. My mom's surprized that I can hang on to things (esp. mechanical ones) for so many years of good service before they finally go to that Great Junkyard in the Sky.


Oh, yeah! Congrats to Homer for getting mentioned in the local paper about a 100-or-so year old grave that was unearthed a couple of weeks back and he helped in finding out more about the remains.