Sunday, July 11, 2004

Officially Monsoon

Well, as of last night, it was offically declared we're back in the Monsoon Season as of last Thursday. There's got to be 3 days in a row of an average 54 dew point degrees per day and yesterday was the third day so, Thursday was it. Finally! The rain is needed out here since we've been in a draught situation for a few years now and with the fires going on in a few places around the state, it's badly needed.

We finally got rain in my part of TooStoned early this evening. Lotsa lightning, thunder, and rain. Good...what little bits of landscaping around Casa de Clutter (my humble abode) needed it. BUT! There's major power outages in neighboring nighborhoods. I was about to do laundry and noticed several brown-outs within a few seconds. That normally means some transformer or utility pole got zapped.

TEP finally put an announcment on their phone line saying which areas were hardest hit. A couple near me were the lucky ones...great.

I HATE having my power go out! Scared of it happening, is more like it especially at night when there's no sunlight to illumninate my place (besides, then there's no air conditioning either!) And being asthmatic, I have this fear of not having the ability to use my nebulizer in some off chance I need to. After several months of having to depend on it daily a couple of years back, I got conditioned. Besides, sitting in the dark alone with nothing to do except sweat and hope that TEP gets my power back on ASAP is not exactly my idea of a good time!