Sunday, June 27, 2004

I Asked For Ice But This Is Ridiculous!

I was just tooling around the website and, being the bit of a Titanic buff that I am, I checked out what the site had on it. I came across an interesting bit of trivia I never heard of before (which struck me as odd) but Snopes claims it's true! - That the "The Poseidon Adeventure" (the 1911 version of it, that is) was being shown in the Second class dining room when the ship hit the iceberg!

And no wonder it struck me as odd! On further examination of the Snopes site, they admitted that the story was a hoax they did themselves! I did some checking out on The IMDB and I found out that there's going to be a remake of "The Poseidon Adeventure" next year!! There's no cast list listed but in an April 28 2004 Hollywood Reporter Article there's going to be a new set of characters and it'll be set in the present day.

Maybe they can have the new Stepford Wives be the passengers?