Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Well, Dang!

I know it's 4 months after the fact but I just found out that

Mercedes McCambridge died this past March 2 at the age of 88! Dunno what exactly about her I liked, but I always did. Maybe it was just her name - the way it sounded like a perfect "stage name" although it was real or the lesbian tension between her and Joanie Dearest in Johnny Guitar or as the butch biker gang leader in a Touch of Evil I remember first becoming aware of her after The Exorcist opened in the theatres back in 1974 and found out that it was her. Sometime later, I saw All the King's Men and was a bit surprized that she was the woman behind "that voice"!

I think I'll plan a personal Mercedes McC. retrospective in her memory soon and snuggle up to the dvd player and a bag of popcorn.