Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fire in the Sky, Grey in the Garden

Hackberry Sunset Fire
Originally uploaded by cobalt123.

Here's a couple more sunset shots posted cobalt123 over on fluckr since the other day. Absolutely gorgeous, ain't they?


While checking out my blog stats a few minutes ago, I noticed that there were a few referrals to here from the Grey Gardens the Musical dot com, a website I didn't know existed (it's the website for the show now that it's officially on Broadway).

I wondered how people visiting that site would be aware of lil' ol' me all the way out here so I moseyed over there to take a look around. Turns out that they posted a link to where I posted the article on Sept. 24th about TCM airing a GG documentary on Oct. 29th. It's listed on "The Buzz" page's "Blog and Web" section of the musical's site.

A nano second of fame! ;-)